Role: Provided everything runs smoothly, this role would merely be a supervisory role. You would make sure that each group in your area is running correctly and ensure that the Omni Local Business Networking is growing. You ensure that each team player is content in his/her positions. You would also need to spot any opportunities to set up new groups, recruit new team members, ensure admin procedures are kept on time, make contact with each group director after each meeting, and take care of any day to day issues within the area. You would be the go to point with membership and team issues. Unlike some other networking platforms, you are not required to visit and attend every group for every meeting, but you must visit each group at least once within a 6 week period. You would also be responsible for holding New Members Network training for your area. You would need to monitor the quarterly Group Directors report and give your summary to the Regional Support manager.

Skills required: It is very important that you have great team management skills, be able to communicate with everyone at every level and be able to help, motivate and encourage each team member in any of the positions they hold. This may include some telesales when needed and take the Group Director role at any of the groups at short notice or while a new group has the position vacant. You must have some networking experience and be able to advise members on networking techniques and networking etiquette. You would need to understand every role within the network and have your own car.

Maximum Number of Teams: You would be managing up to 12 groups in your area.

Time Needed: Around 4-5 hours per week + New TEAM Member Training + Breakfast Meetings.

Reward: FROZEN MEMBERSHIP TIME + %age of all membership fees for your area + Cash reward for your new members + Reduced cost price for Breakfast at ALL groups.

To apply:Just call John on 07898 870 870

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