Role: This can be one of the most integral and challenging but most rewarding roles in the whole network.

    You will
  • be responsible for an area which will have up to 10 groups.
  • need to make sure that marketing emails for each group are set up and sent out in advance, and raise awareness of Omni Local Business Networking in the areas you are managing.
  • need to set up and build databases or manage any database which are already in place, manage social media and other online activities and encourage visitors to go to come to our meetings, and then follow up on visitors who have not joined the network.
  • need to know everything about Omni Local Business Networking.
  • be responsible for the social events for each area.

This position is one of the most rewarding because you will be able to promote your business to the database while in this position. Introducing people to join the network will also generate an additional income, because you will still be rewarded for anyone who joins ANY group in your area! This can be demanding on time, but you would have a unique and strong earning potential from the network while promoting your own business. If the income is rewarding enough for you, this could become a full time role. Unlike some other networking platforms, you are not required to visit and attend every group for every meeting, but you must visit each group every 3 or 4 meetings. You would need to produce a marketing report to the Regional Support Manager at the end of each month which details your activity and the results you have achieved.

Skills required: You will need to know how to use our emailing system and have some good telesales experience. You will work with the Group Directors to help maintain strong visitor numbers and maintain and manage a database, possess the necessary skills to manage online blogging and social media platforms, and have a little experience in event management.

Maximum Number of groups: You can manage up to 10 groups (12 if managed correctly).

Time Needed: Around 2/3 hours per Group + New Members Training + Breakfast Meeting.


  • £50.00 Cash reward for your new members
  • Reduced Meeting fees

Maximum Number of groups: You can manage up to 6 groups (12 if managed correctly).

Time Needed: Around 2 hours per Group + New Members Training + Breakfast Meeting.

To apply :Just call John on 07898 870 870

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