GPDR Update 

We have introduced new consent requests in compliance with GDPR:
  • New users will see a series of Walkthrough screens which will ask for their consent and then to sign up to the app. 
  • Existing users will be asked to sign up to the app by email or social media.
1. App Sign Up Screen
  • Please set up a login to the app by email or social media. 
  • You will not have to login every time to use the app, you will remain connected unless you choose to Log Out via Settings. 
 2. App Login Set Up Screen
  • Please note, this is NOT your OLBN login, that is accessed by the homescreen when the app has loaded. ​
 3. Homescreen - OLBN Members Login to website. Tap on Log In button - bottom row, centre. 
  • Note: You can update your App User Profile and Settings by tapping on the cog icon at the top right of the home screen. This also contains our App Privacy Policy. 
 4. OLBN Members Login to website
  • This is where you login as usual to your Members Account and Team access
​If you have any difficulty, please use the App Feedback form in 'Email Us'.​


Please accept push notifications in order to get the most from the app.

We send timely reminders of special events and information updates, such as the GDPR update.
You will be able to check for notifications by tapping on the 'Inbox' icon on the home screen, or by going to Messages in the More... menu.

This app was designed and developed by who are a licensed developer for Eazi-Apps. 

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