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 What is Bartercard?

If you have stock that is not selling, a product that needs to sell quickly, rooms that are not being used, or spare time in your diary, this is all costing you CASH and crushing the potential profits in your business.....It's time to change! - Make every asset, every second, and every little bit of your stock work for you and your business!

Bartercard is a membership platform that provides a private trading platform for businesses to trade or exchange any goods and services throughout a business-to-business environment. The network of professional business owners offers an exclusive community that is not accessible to your direct or local competitors.

Once you have SOLD your space capacity, stock, the empty time within the Bartercard community, you can then use what you have earned to trade within the network to buy goods and services you are looking for to improve your own business.

With a guarantee to provide you with a network of new potential clients and customers, who will purchase your spare capacity and offer you goods and services within the community, you can both sell and buy everything you need to boost your business!

On top of all this, your business will be noticed within the network, and you will benefit from marketing and FREE advertising. This increases the awareness of your business and you will find new connections and business contacts!

All this without touching the cash in your bank.

Just watch this video to see how it works - 

Increase YOUR Profit in 2 ways!?

The path to business profit is very simple! - Increase sales, reduce costs, and profit increases!

Using your SPARE CAPACITY, Bartercard helps this instantly!

  • We bring you more customers who buy your spare capacity using Bartercard
  • We help you find suppliers for your business within the Bartercard Network
  • You increase your profits and reduce cash expenses from your bank account

Here is how it works - Before BCJPG


100% Sales Guarantee!!

100 guarantee

Bartercard generates new customers for your business
In fact, we are so confident in our ability to do so through the Bartercard community that
we make you this promise:

If, after the membership term, you have not received the minimum in sales (in trade pounds) through your Bartercard account, for your particular membership (as above), Bartercard UK will credit your Bartercard account (in trade pounds) with the difference between that amount and your actual sales.

To qualify for this guarantee, you will need to have done all the following:

  • Openly listed your Bartercard account for the full duration of your membership term
  • Made all-cash fee payments in full and on time through the duration of your membership term
  • Made all best efforts to trade with the appropriate use of all tools available to Bartercard members to generate sales
  • Agree that the guarantee levels set for your membership are reasonable in the light of your current and expected turnover and if such levels are unreasonable to amend to a more appropriate level

The guarantee can be redeemed during the 30 days following the completion of your membership term. Any application made before, or after the expiry of, this period will be solely at the discretion of Bartercard UK.


What's MORE....???

Depending on which level of membership you join Bartercard, you will also have a dedicated trade manager. Whenever you are looking for a supplier or want to promote your goods and services, just simply contact your account manager who is there to make sure your Bartercard membership runs smoothly!


 Membership Costs & Membership Benefits!

 As an Omni Member, we have a unique Bartercard membership Deal! - Please note the standard Bartercard Prices can be found on their website -

Take advantage of the SPECIAL offer Omni has agreed with Bartercard.

We are looking for 30 businesses to join our Barter Network. THE EARLIER YOU JOIN, THE BETTER THE DEAL!

With savings of over £630! This is not to be missed!

Please find below the Omni *Bartercard membership benefits and costs -

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Membership LevelsJPG

***Please note that these prices are for Omni Local Business Networking Members ONLY. Proof of VALID membership will be required.


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