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Our Group Legends

Meet the Team

Group Director

Chaya Malhotra

NAME: Chaya Malhotran
COMPANY NAME:Matched4love Business Group
SERVICES: Matched4Love is a personalised introduction agency to help you find genuine life partners that are ‘love ready’. Through our extensive client vetted profiles, you will meet that special person that shares your same values and proves to you that romance still exists. No algorithms or games, just the natural you at your best with us helping you every step of the way on that important journey.

Chaya will also empower individuals to become the best version of themselves and support them on their dating journeys to discover the Art and Magic of Dating. She has a signature program ‘Get Love Ready’ where she works with individuals on a 1;1 basis or within a group program and helps them to gain that confidence and find tune the Art and Magic of Dating.
BRIEF BIO: Chaya Malhotra is a Matchmaker and Certified Dating Coach. After many years of navigating the dating world and facing many challenges she decided to take matters into her own hands and learn and discover the Art And Magic Of Dating so she could support others within their dating journey. She helps heart centered individuals develop unshakeable self belief, own their identity and discover the truth behind that perfect partner and so much more... She is a mum to two young adults and you can find her cooking, walking, drinking gin, dancing to live music and travelling. Her true essence in life is to empower individuals to be the best version of themselves, to own it... and to truly believe that anything is possible.
T: 07904 102024
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Group Support Mgr

Gina Mann - Group Support Manager

NAME: Gina Mann
COMPANY NAME: Zest for Life with GinaG
SERVICES: Wellness, weight loss and wealth coach, working under the umbrella of Forever Living Products. Encouraging people to live as healthy a life as possible and to realise that ageing does not necessarily mean getting the Western World illnesses that we feel we "get" with ageing.
BRIEF BIO: Enthusiastic go getter with a passion for learning and aiming to live a zesty life.
T: 07976 612 410
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Regional Director

NAME: Murray Carle
COMPANY NAME: GoConnections
SERVICES: Advertising and marketing
COMPANY BIO: Advertising and marketing business based in Scotland and working with forward thinking businesses.

BRIEF BIO: I am passionate about networking and connecting businesses. I enjoy photography and my ultimate goal is to be a travel writer and photographer.
T: 07305-960976
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Area Director

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Area Ambassadors

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