We now offer both Zoom & Physical Face to Face meetings.


Currently, we are evolving the way we network!

We are still offering the traditional networking format but is currently being transformed!

Moving forwards we now have 2 different types of formats for EACH group.

All meetings are fortnightly. The First meeting will be networking, but with business development in mind, and then the second meeting will be ALL about developing your Business.

We have 2 different formats for each group.


1st Event. - Regular Networking - Limited to just 20!

  • Registration & Open Networking
  • 45 Second Intro Round
  • 1st Business Insight
  • Tea Break and Open Networking
  • 2nd Business Insight
  • 1-2-1 Professional Meeting
  • Testimonial / Thank You round


2nd Event. - Business Focus & Development - Limited to just 20!

  • Registration & Open Networking
  • Last Business Development recap
  • What are you looking for to help your business (non-sales or customer-related)
  • 30 Second Speed Intro Round
  • Educational Slot
  • Tea Break & Open Networking
  • Common Business Challenges
    • Questions
    • Solutions
  • Business Development Discussion & Call to action round-up
  • Business Development Member's Monthly Challenge


 *Please note that if you have any special dietary requests which are not covered above we will need payment at least 2 days in advance. We will also need to know about any food allergies within 48 hours of the meeting.

Collaboration in its finest form -

The Business Insights

The business insights are not at all about selling you or your business.

This is more like a showcase for you to let us know exactly what you do, how your business helps others, offer tips, advice and educate everyone with something they can take away and improve their business.

Why do this, and give away your skills for FREE?

  1. If people don't know anything about how they can benefit from your services, then they should.
  2. When people can see how good you are professional, trustworthy, and prove you are an expert, you will win Know, Like, and trust quicker.
  3. When anyone is too busy and need your services they are more than likely to call you
  4. If you give, you will get back! - This helps everyone build a better relationship, which turns you into a go-to person in their mind.

After all, this is still a vital part of NetWORKING!

Trust us, the friendship and relationship aspect of networking is a byproduct. It will happen!


The Common Business & Personal Challenges

Have you heard the expression, "you don't know, what you don't know"?

We all think we know everything, and when we don't, we all keep issues to ourselves! After all, it takes some courage to admit we don't know!! This results in having a problem for a very long time, and things in your business begin to suffer.

To get over these hurdles, we have an open session on a common business issue session.

These slots are taken up by someone in a different industry for each event, who may have had the same issues as you. They offer a description of an issue they are struggling with, their own personal experience, and how they overcome it or even ask the room for advice or feedback.

Now image, you have an issue, or are even stuck in the same place, but are not comfortable speaking to someone about it. This way you have someone who has experienced the same issue and helps you without anyone knowing!

These Common Business & Personal Challenges are designed for you not to just ask one person, but a whole group of business-minded members and ask for help.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! - This business community is all nurtured to help others first! - We are all in it together!

The Business Development Discussions

Business Development Discussions are all about how we can help each other grow, with offers of help, recent successes, and wins, which we can then all adapt and apply!

It's an open forum led by the Group Director. A topic of discussion is raised, and then the floor is opened for discussion.

This way we can all help each other grow our businesses by the expert experience we have collectively.

A Note from John – Head of Omni Local Business Networking

When you research networking, one thing you will find in common is that friendships and strong relationships are essential. This is natural. Building relationships are simply a byproduct of meeting someone you have something in common with. But many networking environments become more social than business. Others are more business than pleasure, and some are simply a place for card-snatching. We make networking exactly what it is:

    • Net – Building a net of people you can know and trust.
    • Working – A place to do business.
    • But on top of that - Put more on the table than you take!

Relationship and friendships will form naturally. You don't need to be told this!

Sure, people do business with the people they like, and you can't help buy from people you trust, but what happens when you are so familiar with someone you prefer to be friends than mix business and friendship together.

My granny gave me two things that have stuck with me all my life, which work very well when you are networking.

      1. Always be polite to the person you sit next to on the bus.
      2. One hand washes the other.

My mission will be to encourage EVERYONE to collaborate and understand these very simple rules to get more from networking.

I give out around 20 referrals a week. That's around 900 a year. Give or take holidays and bad weeks. If we all did this, then a solid community 20 like-minded connections would generate over 18,000 referrals = 900 each! - What would even half of this mean to you?

Layer on top of this, brilliant, business intelligence and knowledge from your fellow members, your business will skyrocket!


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