Cashback or Free Membership Offer

Get paid to network or network for FREE!

If you are a member, of Omni Local Business Networking, and you introduce someone who then joins as a member we will reward you with either CASH or up to 2 months' FREE membership.

You will be rewarded as follows:

  • FULL YEAR MEMBERSHIP £30.00 or 2 months' FREE membership
  • 6 MONTHS' MEMBERSHIP £15.00 or 1 month FREE membership
  • If you are a charity member and you introduce someone who then joins us, we will make a donation of £15.00 to your charity for everyone you introduce!

Can You Help Us? Get Free Membership!

At the moment we, the management team are just a handful of people. We are working hard to make Omni Local Business Networking a success but more hands on deck will help us grow more quickly. We need help with each new group to develop and grow Omni Local Business Networking. Although we are in the startup phase, we are looking for talented people to help us out. In the true nature of CONTRA, if you can help us with any of the following tasks, then we will give you FREE membership, FREE advertising on ALL our printed sales material for the groups you help us with and you will be listed as a LEGEND MEMBER on the group's website page.

If you can spare a little time, then we offer more benefits than the cost of what we need.

We need help with the following:

  • Social Media Management (For each Group)
  • Graphic Designers (For the whole of the Network)
  • Content providers/manager for our Newsletters and Quarterly Magazine
  • Printed Materials (Banners, Booklets and POS material)
  • Bloggers and Social Media Experts
  • Whiteboard / Promo Video

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We are always looking at expanding our networking groups and members of the teams. Please call John on 07898 870 870 or click HERE and find out how you can earn CASH for running or helping to run one of our groups, and at any level! (CASH, not free membership or area leadership fees).

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