These are for Team Members ONLY!


The Team Training covers a whole wide range of business skillsets to help you not just run a successful Business Group, but also to help you gain a wide range of skills to help improve and grow your own business!

We do this by inviting specialists and professionals who get FREE training on subjects to help develop and grow your business.

Please note that ALL Team Training Events are held every fortnight on Tuesdays.

We start at 2 pm and finish at around 2.45 pm.

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Here are some of the subjects we cover -

Onboarding NEW Team Members or Refresh for existing Team Members

This session will be for NEW team members and members who are not entirely confident with the processes to run a meeting.

We also cover the following Business Development Sessions -

How to run successful Facebook Advert Campaigns

Crafting the perfect LinkedIn Page to win more business

Selling your goods and services

Telephone Canvassing

Crafting the Perfect Elevator Pitch

How to network to get better results through referrals and building relationships


These are just a few workshops we offer!

Being part of the team add so much more value to your membership.


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