Just check out what you get as standard!

Our STANDARD benefits –

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When you join one, you join them all! 

Visit as many meetings or as many different groups as you like

Image result for tick imageYou can send a SUB  

If you can’t make it to your HOME group, then you can send a SUB

Image result for tick image Pounts to £s for introducing NEW members

If you introduce someone to our network, and they join as a member, we reward you with our unique points to £s reward structure which you can convert to cash! Not free extra days, not a nice shiny badge – Cash!

Image result for tick imageYou can hold or attend FREE seminars

We have an agreement with most of our venues to have extra time after our meetings. without paying extra. If you are using seminars as part of your lead generation, this space and time could be offered to you!

Image result for tick imagePitch Platform

When you are a member Have 10 minutes of the group's focused time – You can use this time anyway you like. You can let us know more about you, or promote your business! If we know more about your business, we can help you find more referrals

Image result for tick imageExchange CONTRA Deals

Many of our members have the skills you are paying CASH for. We encourage everyone to Barter. This helps your cashflow, show off your skills and generate cash paying clients.

Image result for tick imageNo compulsory attendance

It’s your membership! Come and go as much as you can. If not, send a SUB to your home group. 

Image result for tick imageNo FORCED referrals

Networking is all about referrals, however we strongly encourage everyone to support each other. If you refer someone you know from Networking, they are lightly going to refer you.

Image result for tick imageRegular social events

Part of networking is about relationships. That being said, Networking is about your business. We organise social events to build better relationships.

Image result for tick imageFREE Networking advice and training

The better you are at Networking, the better your results and the more likely you are going to stay a member. We offer FREE Networking Works Workshops. To keep them free all we ask you to do is attend the meeting before or after the Networking Works workshops.
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- Most Networking groups will offer some of the above, but not all.


SO WHAT? I hear you ask!


We are very proud to make your membership more rewarding!

All our Omni members a new set of exclusive membership rewards: (1) a welcome gift; (2) monthly perks; and (3) everyday savings. Taken together, they’re designed to support both you and your business.

To get any of our EXTRA benefits Image result for click HERE image

To get any of our EXTRA benefits Image result for click HERE image

To get any of our EXTRA benefits Image result for click HERE image

If you want further rewards to your membership then take a look at our Legends Membership. Click HERE

Want more?
Have you thought about out Legends Membership? CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO: Image result for more info button
And if you want to join our team OR Set a group up of your own!

If you join our team at whatever level, we actually pay you to help boost our groups! Not Free added membership, not free access to a high level of membership, but CASH

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