Here is the opportunity to become a part of a very private members club, without the costs normally associated with such a club… and with the scope to influence and draw on a wide network of businesses who will be receptive to you.

So, you value the advice from others?
If you answered yes to the question above then Legend membership is for you.

Running a business alone is hard!
Who would you turn to if you have an issue? How much free advice can you really squeeze from others, until it becomes embarrassing? Joining the Legends Club helps with all this! Legend membership already has some great tools and awareness for your business, and the Legends club is there to help move your business a step closer to achieve the goals you want.

So how does it work?
Once a month, all Legends get to meet up in a series of closed groups, directly after one of our meetings, at different locations across the Omni network. Each Legend takes turns to run the meeting.

Each meeting is private. It’s a confidential place where your competition is locked out and you’re free to ask for help and to discuss openly the most pressing issues within your business… and also to identify and share new business opportunities.

The members of your Club are there for you: to offer help, advice and inspiration. Coming together on a regular basis will enhance the vision, success and momentum that you’re seeking for your business.

To optimise the value of your Legend Club, you will be part of a referral exchange that’s designed to support everyone within the Club to generate new business leads and opportunities.

Deepening trust and building stronger relationships.
This is what happens when you’re part of a more intimate and close-knit group, who share a common commitment to business success.

Each Group is limited to just 10 members.
Limiting each The Clubs maintains focus and gives everyone time to seek help and advice in a relaxed environment without pressure of being rushed.

These clubs come at NO EXTRA Cost….Just the Legends membership

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