Role: This is a vital role and the base for visitors' and members' experience.

Your role as a GSM would be to monitor online payments and confirm all reservations and visitors before each meeting.

At physical meetings, work with the venues to make sure they are aware of the number of booking in advance.

On the day of each meeting, you will be the first point of contact as you will be managing the reception area at physical meetings and handling the 1-2-1 breakout requests on Zoom.

You would then make sure the meeting paperwork (which includes new membership forms) is given to the Group Director.

In between meetings, help and promote the meetings on Social Media.

If you take up this position, you would have to be at all your group meetings or find a replacement from another team member in the area if you need time off or can't make it to your group meeting.

Skills required: You must have an outgoing personality and not be afraid of meeting people for the first time. You should know everything about Omni Local Business Networking and have some organising and light admin skills.

Reward: FROZEN MEMBERSHIP TIME + £50.00 Cash reward for your new members + FREE attendance at YOUR group, and reduced-price for Breakfast at ALL groups in the network.

Maximum Number of groups: You can take this position in up to 1 group.

Time Needed: 2 Hours before each meeting + Meeting time

To apply: Just call John on 07898 870 870 or please contact us using the contact form HERE

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